LEAD “Like a Girl”

20th April 2015

Posted In: WMB Careers

As you advance in your career, you may find yourself tempted to mimic examples of “traditional” leadership. In other words, consciously or not, you may strive to be more independent, commanding, dominating, unbending, and yes, masculine.

Words: Nancy D. O’Reilly, PsyD.

Generally speaking, women think, relate, motivate, and assume responsibility differently from men. But if you’ve ever considered your natural leadership style a liability, think again. As the popular Always campaign demonstrates, doing anything “like a girl” should be a point of pride. (It’s time to free yourself from any lingering notions of joining the “old boys’ club.”)

In a connected global marketplace that’s driven by engaging communication, collaboration, and collective buy-in, many “feminine strengths” (which, to be fair, many men also possess and use quite effectively) are suddenly in high demand.

That said, here are six suggestions to help you tap into the power of feminine leadership.

1. First, gain a better understanding of your feminine “power tools.” No doubt about it: Traditional models of powerful leadership (think command and control) are on their way out. Meanwhile, a more flexible, inclusive incarnation of power – one that comes naturally to women – is becoming more entrenched.

2. Speak up more often. Many female leaders consciously marshal their words so as not to be perceived as “too chatty” when there’s an important job to do. But actually, research suggests (and you may have noticed yourself) that men speak more at meetings.

3. Don’t keep it all business, all the time. Women’s emotional intelligence makes us natural connectors. Use that skill to your advantage. When you allow yourself to “get personal” and nurture your relationships with team members, you will put them at ease, positively impact their motivation and engagement, and strengthen their loyalty.

4. Take your place at the podium. Even if you dread speaking in public, I urge you to actively cultivate this skill. Take advantage of women’s natural tendency to share information that empowers others and to connect with your audience by noticing and responding to their nonverbal cues.

5. Collaborate your way to the next level. Collaboration is definitely a buzzword these days – but as many leaders have learned the hard way, there’s a lot more to it than simply asking a group of people to sit at the same table and work together.

6. Bring other women on board. If you’ve attempted to reach success as a rugged individualist, you know the journey can be gruelling, lonely, and maybe even lacking in satisfaction. Good news: It’s okay (and encouraged!) to tap into women’s collective power. For millennia, women have relied on their “sisterhood” for advice, support, and help.

So be vigilant for opportunities to join forces with other women. Offer others your time, insight, empathy, and aid – and accept those things in return. I truly believe when enough “hands that rock the cradle” join together, we can help rule the world.

Male or female, building a successful career isn’t easy. So, women, don’t force yourself to be what you’re not. I, for one, am excited that the changing face of leadership is displaying more and more qualities that are traditionally feminine – and optimistic about what this means for women’s future in business.

© 2015 Nancy D. O’Reilly, PsyD, is the author of Leading Women: 20 Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership, Business and Life