Employers Spot Lies In Over Half Of CVs

15th April 2015

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Whether it’s an exaggerated job title, embellished expertise or a fabricated qualification, 55% of employers believe they have spotted lies, white or otherwise, on the CVs of candidates, according to Cpl’s Employment Market Monitor Q1 2015, which was published today.

Employers can now easily uncover lies on CVs by cross-referencing LinkedIn and social media profiles, or by simply asking candidates to bring copies of their qualifications and references with them to interviews.

The Cpl report marked the thirteenth successive quarter of year on year growth in jobs posted since 2012.  Whilst growth has slowed from 32% in mid 2014 to just 4% in 2015 in the Accountancy, Finance and Banking sector, the Science, Engineering and Supply Chain segment saw strong growth in he first three months of this year which is four times more than posted in 2011 for that category.  Growth in Marketing and Retail was significantly higher also, whilst the IT sector recorded a small reduction in job postings.

The report also found that 40% of employers believe there is an increase in candidates coming home from overseas, with UK, Australia and Canada listed as the locations from which most are returning.  63% of companies say they are hiring to support growth in 2015, and think the international experience of retuning emigrants is beneficial for business.

Jobseeker sentiment is also on the increase across all sectors, and particularly in the IT space and the Sales, Marketing and Retail segment, with employers believing that the bargaining power of jobseekers has strengthened when compared to 2014.  However, jobseekers think it’s still an employer market.

Twenty five percent of employers believe graduates today are not as capable compared to graduate hires ten years ago. They feel there is a sense of entitlement with this cohort of candidates and a lack or transferable skills from the classroom to the workplace.  Some feel that grads 2day use is 2 much txt spkin formal comms in wkplce > smiley face emoji.

Commenting on the report, Peter Cosgrove, Director, Cpl said, “It’s interesting that jobseekers and employers have an opposite assessment of the market as regards sentiment.  But it is clear that 2015 has started off as a positive market for jobseekers, which is in line with the general upswing in the economy.  It’s also very positive that employers are seeing more people returning from abroad for jobs in Ireland, and that employers are seeking to fill roles to boost expansion this year.”

For more information, or to download a pdf of the report, visit www.cpl.ie