SHOW TIME! By Elizabeth P Tierney

30th March 2015

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Synopsis: A guide to becoming more confident making presentations

Author: Elizabeth P Tierney

Published by: Oak Tree Press

Available: It’s an e-book:

Your palms are sweaty, your teeth are chattering. You ignore your shaking hands and your weak knees. These are all the symptoms of someone who has just been introduced as the next speaker, the next person about to make a presentation.

You pray that your stammer won’t be noticeable; you stare at the speech you have prepared. Maybe if you don’t make eye contact with the audience it will all feel less daunting. You can’t help but feel incredibly unprepared. If only there was a book out there to help you feel more relaxed, less shaky and overall more confident in the presentation you’re about to make. If only there was something out there that would help you prepare for show time. Such a book does exist!

Elizabeth P Tierney’s latest book SHOW TIME! describes key factors in making a presentation. She offers advice on overcoming various barriers to communication; using techniques to calm your nerves and stop those shaking hands; recognizing the value of body language and other non-verbal language; improving physical aspects such as posture, voice and attire; structuring the talk for clarity and retention; using notes effectively; designing clear visuals and handouts; handling questions skillfully and practicing and planning beforehand.

It has been updated to apply to the 21st century and in this second edition, Tierney teaches how to make even more effective presentations.