RAW Recipes for Radiant Living By Bernadette Bohan

11th March 2015

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Title: RAW Recipes for Radiant Living

Synopsis: It demonstrates how you can eat well and live radiantly.

Author: Bernadette Bohan

Published by: Gill & Macmillan

Available: In most bookshops and online as of March 11th

Having recovered twice from cancer, Bernadette Bohan became focused on promoting health and wellbeing by educating people all over Ireland about life-changing improvements we can make to our diets.

She is an advocate for a diet of plant-based foods – having adopted the lifestyle change herself, she soon noticed real results: her health improved greatly, her skin glowed, her energy exploded and her waist shrank. Now, for the first time, she shares her secrets in her brand new cookbook.

In Raw, Bernadette explains all you need to know about live foods, provides guidance on the best equipment for your kitchen and key ingredients for your shopping list, and of course delivers delicious recipes that provide optimum nutrition – all written in Bernadette’s easy, accessible style.

Eager to challenge the notion that healthy foods can mean restriction and deprivation, Bernadette has created 75 recipes including nutritious juices and smoothies, warm soups, spicy curries, pizzas and pastas and delicious desserts.

When it comes to our health, Bernadette is passionate that prevention is better than cure. Raw is ideal for those who want to lose weight to feel and look their best; are addicted to sugar; have no time to cook; or simply have a healthy appetite for life.