National Workplace Wellbeing Day 27th March

5th March 2015

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Workplace Wellbeing Day

Ireland’s first National Workplace Wellbeing Day is taking place on 27th March 2015.

It is a nationwide campaign to help improve the general health of employees, who want to get healthier and believe their employers can play a role in helping them, according to new national research commissioned by the Nutrition and Health Foundation (NHF).

Two thirds (65%) of employees nationally recognise they need to consume healthier food and drinks. Only one third take the recommended weekly level of exercise for a healthy lifestyle while four in ten office bound workers say they are not physically active at all during their working day.

The NHF is asking employers across Ireland – small, medium and large – to get involved on the day through promoting better nutrition and physical activity in their workplaces. This could range from promoting existing wellbeing initiatives within the company to organising something special to mark the day.

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