A Mind For Business By Andy Gibson

4th March 2015

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Title: A Mind for Business – Get inside your head and transform how you work

Synopsis: It shares the most effective insights from psychology and neuroscience to help people work smarter, manage their minds and thrive under pressure.

Author: Andy Gibson

Published by: Pearson

Available: In most bookshops and online.

In an increasingly health-conscious society where we are all constantly made aware of the importance of regular exercise and the benefits eating 5 fruit or vegetables a day, it is remarkable that taking care of our minds is still such a taboo subject. For so many entrepreneurs, business leaders and executives, skills like decision making, creativity and communication are the keys to success, so what can be done to improve the tool that controls all these skills – the mind?

The author, Andy Gibson, is the founder and Head Gardener of Mindapples.org, a not-for-profit organisation that helps everyone take care of their minds, in the same way they would take of their bodies, in order to make a genuine difference to their lives.

People are now the most important factor in any business, whether that is customers, suppliers, staff or business partners, and in the knowledge economy it is the human mind that is the most valuable asset of any company. Advances in neuroscience and psychology mean we now understand more about how the mind works than ever before, recognising how factors such as nutrition, sleep, water, exercise, distractions, relationships and even sunlight and can directly impact how effective we are mentally. Tapping into this knowledge can give individuals and organisations a huge competitive advantage.

A Mind for Business is a full-colour, visually engaging book that offers simple, practical advice on improving the day-to-day performance of your mind. Free from psychobabble and complex jargon, its accessible, visual approach will not only appeal to professionals from any sector, but is also an informative and inspiring guide for anyone who wants to get the most out of their minds in everyday life.