Get Your Business Noticed: 10 Tips for Gaining Publicity

10th February 2015

Posted In: WMB Advice | Your Business
Rosemary Delaney

Our MD Rosemary Delaney shares her top tips to ‘get noticed’ when trying to build publicity and awareness around your business.

When contacting a newspaper/magazine/radio station/television station, do remember:

1. Be an honest brand with passion – it will go a long way!


2. Target media which ‘fits’ – value their time as well as yours!

3. Get personal – don’t send a ‘circular’ press release & always have a good subject header

4. Timing is everything – know media deadlines

5. Have something to say that is ‘newsworthy’ (know the difference between a story and an advertising pitch)

6. Keep it simple & short – WHY, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, & HOW

7. QUALITY images can really make the difference

8. Follow up with a timely call and be prepared for questions

9. Be realistic – building a media profile takes time

10. Always remember to say ‘thank you’!