6th June 2023


Cosmetics Visonary Takes Top Prize at National Enterprise Awards

2 June 2023

One of Europe’s only ‘concept to shelves’ cosmetics companies has taken the top prize at this year’s National...
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Professor Patricia Barker Recognised for her Outstanding Contribution...

30 May 2023

Professor Patricia Barker has been recognised for her contribution to the accountancy profession. She received the...
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€220M TU Dublin Campus...

1 June 2023

Minister for Public Expenditure, NDP...


Inspiring at Alice Public...

1 June 2023

Alice Public Relations were recently named...


Shaping the Future of...

31 May 2023

Ahead of the introduction of EU regulations...

The Topic

Empowering Migrant...

30 May 2023

The Open Doors Initiative and TU Dublin will...

Throw Down the Ladder!

Aspire Scholar Network Accepting Applications

Significant Perception

Gap Exists

Carol Andrews New Co-Chair

of Balance for Better Business

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"The Lioness doesn’t do what the Lion does after all! We each have our own part to play." Olivia Bushe, FlowForma