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Gluten Free Purchases On the Up

4 May 2017

New research released today by Opinion Matters, commissioned by food services company Aramark, found that 63.5% of people across the UK and Ireland...

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Who’s On YOUR Team?

16 January 2017

Today, the workplace is changing from the silo based functional model to a more matrix, workflow based model.  This is mainly due to the years where...

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Forget the Fad Diet

14 December 2016

With only 8% of us thought to be able to stick to our New Years’ resolutions each year, time and time again we make unrealistic goals to try and...

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UCD Scientist Finds Potential Breast Cancer Breakthrough

1 November 2016

Breast-Predict, The Irish Cancer Society Collaborative Cancer Research Centre, hopes that the drug APR-246 can prevent the growth of...

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Workplace Anxiety – How Do We Fare?

26 October 2016

Mental health and anxiety are becoming less taboo topics in modern Ireland but how many of us would feel comfortable admitting to our employers that...

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